This Situation hurts so bad!

So here's the story, me and this guy started dating about

6 months ago. His a divorced man with a 2 year's old son,

Who his absolutely in love with... Him and his wife been divorced

For a year now, but still friends because of their son, their divorce

Ended badly she cheated on him... He also told me that they

Started losing feelings toward the last two years of their marriage.

He never once said something good about his ex wife, so from

What I knew he doesn't like her...

But here's the issue. 3 nights ago I ran into his Facebook, and

I saw that he uploaded a picture of them together, and their was

Comments like "soo cute" "amazing" "cute couple" etc

So I basically freaked the hell out... I couldn't believe what I was

Seeing, it never crossed my mind that he would want anything

To do with her other then their son...

Idk what to do or what to think. Am honestly hopeless, I haven'

Liked a guy this much since my ex husband... It hurts so bad

(Incase your wondering no I haven't spoken to him about it)


Most Helpful Girl

  • I am not wondering but why do they continue their compliment comments for their pictures? And why did he say you he hadn't been happy with his ex-wife? Your story looks very intricated but I advise you say him to close his Facebook account or freeze because Facebook can break up a lot of hearts in recent days, For illustrate even one comments may open wound in the one's hearth so you must be careful in case of this situations. I understood you well but there's something that you must follow my suggestions for your healthier dating life...

    • You know how certain people on Facebook doesn't know

      Anything about your life, but are willing to still comment on your page...

      Maybe that's what it is... I don't know am very sad and scared I dont

      Want to get hurt again.

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  • It's quite clear that he's playing with you.


What Girls Said 1

  • talk to him then! to many good relationships break up because people won't swallow their pride and say something!


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