My ex's Cousin, my best friend

Back in high school I had a good friend, we liked each other but never pursued anything. We went on to other relationships and remained fairly good friends. I met a guy that turned out to be a serious relationship and he ended up being my high school friend's cousin. The relationship became very complicated, controlling and something I didn't want anymore I tried asking my friend for his advice and he was always helpful and patient. Although with all his help my relationship hit its course and eventually after 4 long years I left. Now recently me an my friend have been hanging out an he admitted to having feelings for me all these past years and wanted to know when I was ready if we could ever give "us" a try. Id be lying if I said that I never thought about him an wondered "what if" I had dated him instead of my ex. We have been best friends for years were on the same page about so many things from future goals to aspirations. I feel like I could spend my life with him but he is my ex's cousin. I've asked him to consider what he'd face from his family and he says he doesn't care, to be honest I don't either. But is there really a chance this can work?


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  • I think a better question would be is there a chance this can't work? If the only thing holding you back is the past history with his cousin, I think you're already ahead of most potential couples. I would be pretty flattered if I found out a dear friend had feelings for me and yet patiently waited out and supported a trying relationship without interfering. Whether to go forward primarily depends on your feelings for him.


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