My boyfriend "tried" to break up with me right before our trip back to his home

He came over today to make a sandwich with me and goes listen. I love you but I can't live up to your expectations. All if can think about is programming and it makes me happy. When you came over the other day and interrupted it he said that he resented me because he wasn't happy to see me. He wanted to keep programming. This is right before we're suppose to fly back to ohio on the 19th for his birthday. It is so hard to deal with. When I told him that if we break up then I am done. I won't talk to him anymore etc because I don't want to play that game of having my heart smashed over again etc. He said he still wanted to talk to me he just wants to program everyday all day and would choose that over anything everyday. It makes me really sad. I convinced him that we just needed a break. He asked for a month, with the exception of our 4 day trip to Ohio. Should I even hold onto our relationship. I love him to death and I know he loves me but it kills me even more to just give him up before I'm ready to. I would rather get really mad and fed up break up out of anger. I don't want to break up because he likes to program right now when I know he loves me. I just don't get it. It makes me feel foolish. I moved 2000 miles to be with him and I barely get to see him. I don't know many people out here let alone do I fit in... I just want us to work out. Is a month a reasonable amount of time or is that just time for me to hope and then he comes to the conclusion he doesn't want to be with me. Should I just honor the break up? If he's not ready for a relationship can we ever be together in the future. I know myself and I can t go back to someone that hurts me.. that's why I want us to work out otherwise we will be no more.


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  • In all honesty you need to be happy give him 2 days and ask him to make up his mind and stand your ground. For, that one month will just have you stressed and worked up about the situation, you deserve a clear conscience and a rested mind.

    You are also pretty young and if he is your first love it will be hard but you can get through this. Just always remember to do what's best for you. How will you feel if you waited that month and he still left?

    Most times a break means that the person has mentally checked out from the relationship they just don't have the balls to actually do it. What are the terms and conditions of such a break?

    I know exactly how you feel I have been down that road.

    When the universe pushes you to the edge only one thing can happen. Either someone will catch your fall or you will learn how to fly

    Good luck


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