My boyfriend been messaging his best friends ex gf.

i found this out when my boyfriend best mate came up to me and said sorry about how things are going to turn out, I was a little confused and asked my boyfriend what he ment, he told me that he'd been talking to his best friends ex and tht he threatned to show/tell me about it . my boyfriend said he'd been messaging her to cheer her up as she was feeling down. I kinda let it go and said OK . but now she's liking everything on his Facebook page, emailing him all the time and I'm getting jealous so I looked at his phone and seen messages of both of them flirting, I Haven't told him tht I've seen messages and this is really annoying me. he's complained to her about our relationship saying it has its ups and downs and tht when I was out he had peace and quiet and tells her all about the arguments we have. he keeps giving her compliments and its making me reallllly jealous . I love him and I trust him but this is doing my nut in shall I tell him I read the messages or just leave it


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  • He's confiding emotional/personal situations with her, that's a red flag ma'am. That's how the homewreckers infiltrate your relationship.


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  • You should just move on. He obviously knows what he's doing will 'look' shady. It's only a matter of time before they hook up.

  • It's time to confront him.


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  • If you want there to be a chance of you and your boyfriend being together, you mustn't tell him you checked his phone. This will show him you don't trust him and no one wants to be with someone who doesn't trust them. If you do bring her up, always be positive and say his best friend informed you about him talking to her. Then say things like: how is she at the moment and is she coping with the breakup well, she seems like a lovely girl. I hope she feels better soon.

    Being jealous of her gives her full power and will push him towards her more. Your boyfriend wouldn't expect you to be so lighthearted and non-suspicious about the situation and not jealous. It may even get him thinking about how great of a person you really are and may start appreciating you more.

    Take my advice and I swear he will feel more love towards you.

    • Thank you all sorted now I confronted him and we are okay :)

    • Cool, what things you talk about to him?

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