How do to deal with a ex I love and hate

long story short, it's been a off and on relationship where I used to get really mad, clingy, and needy. terrible behaviros include: calling him non stop, sending long angry text messages etc.

he told me he would jsut wait til I calmed down and was nice again, then we would hang out and he would disappear for a few days. I then freaked out and he would avoid and ignore me.

i felt used but couldn't get out of it. finally, it ended when his old friends with benefits popped up again. I found somebody else.

fast forward eight months, he pops up again and wants to hang out. I don't really want to be kinda strung him along. until one day I snapped and went, what's the point? our relationship is dead. it was really unhealthy. I'm really busy for the next whie. sorry dude.

to which he wrote back its OK, I see your point. dude.

i then sent I would like it if we stopped talking, don't ever contact me again.

then I realized that the only way I could get over this hatred completely is to just see him for who he is, meet up and then leave. I've done this with a few ex boyfriends. the closure chat always helps.

he's been ignoring my msgs now. the cycle starts again.


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  • Simply don't contact him ever.


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  • Your not clingy lets get that out of the way he is bull crap he's just not man enough tso grow balls and. Speak up and tell you how he feels he lacks communication he's playing little boy games you don't deserve that you maybe stress and need to focus more on your happiness and yourself. These guys may not be doing there job by making you happy or thinking about your feelings you are human and we all have feelings and pain and go threw a lot those guy were stupid in a way cause they missed out on someone who truly did care for them girls put more effort in relationships now a days so maybe you should stop trying and get them worrying and stuck up on you maybe them realizing the stuff you did was just out of love so when they do it to you and you can complain and show them how you felt when they were complaining to you about being caring

    • no he was just using me

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    • It's OK I told him our relationship was dead and to never talk to me again.

    • Thats good I hope happiness and a great guy comes your way and realize all the good things about you

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