Omg I figured the assh*le out.. but what now?

My ex is a narcissist yes a narcissist. didn't discover this until 2mths after our break up. His ego boosting I mean hello he boasted about how girls wanted him and how girls always said he was a great guy. He broke up with me because of this attention. Through the relationship he blasted males and was always looking 4 reassurance that he was fantastic. Anyway I watched a narcissist documentary and he ticked every box. here's the problem I have he's back in contact. Chit chat and we have been actually getting on but he is witha known 'easy girl' but decided 2 tell me he's not with her (I dnt believe him) anyway nothing major but all the red flags were brought up watching that documentary now I think I need 2 completly cur off. I never texted 1st but I do think I can't fight the not wb part. And this wassaid on the doc its like they know what to say and how to say it etc. I think maybe I pity him :-/ silly I know but I did see the soft side but confused cos now I feel maybe it was fake :-/
Hes with a town tramp. There together a week after we broke up. Prob behind my back oh well past news now. I'm moving on from the train wreck but I don't wish him well at all.


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  • If you really understand narcissism you will know he never loved you never cared he was using you. So yes it was all fake. I was in a relationship with one for 2-3 years. I did a lot of research about it. I suggest having no contact with him. for many reasons. 1) he is only in contact with you to once again use you. He just likes the validation etc etc if his new gf said dont speak to you he would cut you off in a heart beat 2) the more you talk to him even if you think its harmless the more brainwashed you become again. You said you saw that your bf was a narcissist after the break up. That is because your mind had time to get clarity. You can't have clarity when they are manipulating you (even if subtely). Any time they open their mouths they are manipulating you. If they are talking to you they want or need something from you. Don't allow him to have it. Do not let this person back in, he will just use you and leave when he doesn't need you. He lacks a conscience. Never forget that. If you know he is a narcissist there really is no discussion needed. If you see a soft side (its fake) he wants you to see this to lure you back in, keep youthere on a string. He does what he does to make you feel what he wants you to feel. If he wants you to think he is sweet, he fakes sweet. If he wants you to think he is faithful, he lies about how much he is an honest guy. He will do what it takes to get what he wants because he can because he lacks conscience. do not for one second think it is genuine if he is a narcissist. which it sounds he is. AND HE IS. DON"T DOUBT IT FOR A SECOND.


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  • It's good to see that you've cut him off.

  • Simply cut him off completely.

    • I know thanks its been done :-)

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