I showed too much interest and now he expects me to make the first move

I added and messaged him on fb after I thought he liked me in class but now he just disappears right after class and we don't ride the train together. We look at each other during class sometimes I don't look back cause idk


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  • I hate to say this but I don't think he's interested, I know it sucks, I'm going through a situation like that too, but honestly I think you need to move on because from what your saying it sounds like he's not interested. or it could also be that he thought nothing of it and doesn't even notice, it could be anything


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  • If he expects you to get the first move, move on.

  • Well he's going to make the first move, because you're giving him zero signs of interest.

    Speaking as a guy, if I'm looking for a girl to talk to and date, the girl I *don't* go after is the one who never even looks at me.


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