Am I a bad person or a crazy ex girlfriend for wanting to understand something?

Me and my best friend have been having issues dealing with a weird break up. Well I end up crashing on another guy's couch for a night and he got so weird. He kept asking me who or where are you and I was like why does it matter we aren't dating? He got so pissed off. Today I just was like can you talk to me for real and explain because I don't understand. I sent it in a long message and he got so mad again and defensive and then our friend started jumping on me.. He said I'm acting like a crazy ex girlfriend and I'm not trying too I just wanted to understand the problem so I could fix it.. What should I do? I don't know anymore...


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  • You should give him time to breathe and let him come to you..

    • And I have been, but he texts me and starts getting mad when I didn't crash on his couch I actually crashed on someone elses couch and it was a guy but my friend got so mad and wouldn't explain why...and when I asked he got even more mad and now there's a huge fight over it and I wasn't trying to cause that.

    • you should have never told him your crashed at a guy friends. I know its only right to be honest but I don't think it was the best idea for you

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