Boyfriend has a problem with piercings?

Back when my boyfriend and I were just friends, I mentioned over fb that I wanted to get my nose pierced but decided not to in the end and he said he couldn't imagine me with nose jewellery.

2 months later when we finally got together and started dating, he randomly said out of the blue "I don't understand why people get piercings, like nose and lip piercings" then I said "I had wanted to get my nose pierced a little while ago but decided against it" (referring to our conversation on fb) he just said "whyyyy?"

It was a very short conversation but do you think he deliberately brought it up to kinda deter me from getting it done? (although I had already decided not to)

Do other guys have this problem with girls having piercings?

I only wanted a stud originally. I guess I come off as a nice, polite respectable girl so I can understand how it'd be difficult to imagine but my earlier "rocker teen years" comes out now and again and influences me in these decisions.

Any answers would be appreciated.


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  • I don't like nose rings either, but if I'm dating a girl, I'm dating her, not her nose.

    I wasn't too thrilled with the idea of my last girlfriend getting her nipples pierced, but hey, they're her nipples, not mine, and they turned out to be entertaining anyway.


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  • He probably had completely forgot about the previous conversation.

    Personally, I'm not a fan of piercings. I don't see what purpose they serve, and I think they take away from a girl's natural beauty.

    That being said, I'm also a big fan of letting people live their lives. So if someone wants to get a bunch of piercings, then who am I to judge.

    • Not even ear or navel piercings? The purpose they serve is that they are body art, just like a tattoo.

    • Ear piercings are okay, but even those seem needless. That's just me personally though. I'm not a fan of tattoos either. I understand they are body art, what I was saying is they don't serve any useable purpose. They are just that, art. I guess in most of my travels, I have found that a lot of people, mostly women, get tattoos and piercings so they will be "different" and "stand out" or they think people will like them more because of it.

  • yeah I think they are stupid


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  • I have a nose piercing since I was 14 but that's considered normal where I live. He shouldn't dictate what you need to do with your body and it's only a piercing. You can remove it when you feel like you don't want it anymore. And I think a nose piercing is pretty much more acceptable than a lip piercing which makes you look like a rebel.

  • I have my nose done and there isn't nothing wrong.with them


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