Why would he even attempt this?

I have know this guy for over 20 years and we attend the same church at times. We do like each other. I have always been shy/quiet. I was at church sitting by myself. This guy and I have always had mutual attraction and we have kissed. I was sitting down he came in with his sister and mother and they sat right in fromt of me. I had my head turned and as I sat there I felt something so I turned my head and he was looking at me. I quickly realized he had his hand up my skirt and had started rubbing my leg. I was very much surprised and I was shocked I lifted my purse up and put it on my lap and closed my legs tighter to keep him from moving his hands I didn't want anyone to see him with his hand where it was. I tried to move his hand and of course he didn't. he wouldn't move. every time I moved my leg so he could remove his hand he ust kept moving to the brazil area and finally started rubbing my lower back. I didn't want to keep up to much noise to gain anybody's attention. This is with his mother and sister sitting right there. I didn't mind him doing this I just dsidn't want it to happen in church. What was going on with him? Why try this in church? Did this mean he loves me? My skirt was down to my knee and loose top.I dress conservatively. Would you even speak to him again.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I was not expecting the hand in the skirt part.

    I think he might really be fond of you.

    I can understand you not wanting to be touched in that area in public. Are you upset now?

    • I told him not to do that especially in church. The shock eventually wore off.

What Girls Said 1

  • wtf..church is the worst place to do that stuff.

    He wants your goodies, just an average pervert.

    • Thanks. I agree. I told him not to approach me that way in church. That should have been done in private. we never went any further. We remain close friends.

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