Whats the best way to deal with having a lot of anxiety ?

At the end of this month. I am planing on trying to get back in touch with my ex female best friend.Things end pretty bad .we Haven't talk in about 2 years .I want to give it one more try becaues I believe that its a relationship worth saveing.but I have a lot of bad anxiety.I keep worrying about things that I can't control like if I get a bad response from her or none at all.

whats the best way to try and get rid of these negative thoughts ?


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  • i always try to keep my mind occupied, I play with my dogs or listen to music really loudly, I make list of the things I can do to improve my life and try to execute them, I also pray a lot


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  • I think it's dumb to rekindle any type of relationship with this girl.

    That being said, you have to look at it this way. Let's say (pessimistically) you have a 5% chance that she'll reply in a positive way. right now you have a 0% chance that she will reply to you in a positive way while you avoid the issue. 5%'s better than 0%.

  • Probably the worst way I can think of to deal with a lot of anxiety is to get back in touch with an ex female best friend that you're obviously crazy about..

    • Can you clear this up for me ?.Cuz I don't understand what your trying to say.

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    • Certainly.

    • Alright I get what your saying

  • Lobotomy


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