How long do I wait before I just assume we are done?

So my ex or boyfriend depending on how you look at it told me we needed space and that he was moving out. We have been together for 15 years and lived together for 3 years. He never said we were breaking up and has responded to my emails. Any time I bring up something hard he is suddenly not wanting to talk anymore. Everything is business like. That was three weeks ago. Last week he Facebooked me after a few days of no contact to ask me to remove his account from my billing items and I was nice and took care of it. When I finished I let him know and told him have a good weekend and he never responded. I am trying to give him time and now after a whole week of not talking to him I am unsure of what to do. It seems like he is done but he hasn't said anything. He is liking all his friends posts on Facebook that mention that women suck and so do relationships. How long should I wait? Should I assume we are done? Should I wait a month and then call or email him? I am not sure what to do and hate being in limbo
It was insane. We had a fight the night before he moved out about how he thought I was taking my job laying me off too lightly and not worried about it. I told him that I was holding out hope since we had two potential buyers and that I would be looking for work but I was going to stay until the last day. He moved out the next day when I was at work. He says that we both need time to figure out where our jobs are going and that he feels like we are going in different directions right now.


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  • Ok, you need to tell us a back story because this sounds insane right're together 15 years and suddenly he just leaves without even telling you if it's over?

    • He didn't say we were done he just said we needed time to decide where we were going

    • that's code for he needs time to figure things out...I would let him go,he is bailing when times are tough..loser is what he is

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  • He needs time to figure things out.

    How about instead of you sitting around waiting for him to finish thinking, you do some actual thinking of your own?

    • I am trying to figure out what I want and need for me right now. But lets says a month goes by or two with no contact do I figure we are done? He never said we were done but he doesn't want to talk about it either. Can we date other people?

    • It only takes one of you to decide to you're broken up.

      Do that thinking and stop concerning yourself with possibilities that may never happen. (ie what if a month goes by)

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  • I would never wait on someone who clearly doesn't want me,by his actions,don't wait its a waste of time


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