What do you do when the ex wants you back?

My ex recently texted me after blowing me off repeatedly. He tells me that he missed me and really cares about me and wants to meet up. He also said he wants something romantic between us but he's scared and he doesn't wanna f*** up this part of my life.

He just got out of a two week long relationship tht really didn't work out so I think it made him realize what we had was special.

Should I meet up with him? And when I do what should I ask or say to make sure he' in this for ME and not some other reason?


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  • Dont be stupid!

    "He also said he wants something romantic between us but he's scared and he doesn't wanna f*** up this part of my life" What the hell is that meant to mean? Does he just want sex? Surely if he misses you truly, he misses the romance and wants to fulfill that part of your life?

    What kind of guy f***s another girl for two weeks and then comes running back to you wanting you back? Sounds like he wanted to shag the other girl so blew you off. Then realized what an absolute idiot he was, or messed up with the other girl, and now wants to get his cake and eat it.

    So my answer is NO, however, you can't help who you fall in love with. If you feel like he does have good intentions, please make him wait for YOU. Make it on your terms. Tell him he has to prove it with ROMANCE. You aren't his plan be after f***ing another girl. If he loved you all along he wouldn't have been with her for two weeks and would've stayed with you. Frankly, sounds like a douche, but good luck :) you are so pretty and seem lovely, don't let a guy like that "f*** up this part of your life" .. (he's even warning you that he will)

    • We were broken up for 6 months and he dated her for two weeks in may (they didn't have sex, trust me, he's a virgin lol). He told me that dating this girl was awful and she treated him terribly, so he had to leave her.. So it wasn't nescessarily like he went straight to this girl, it took him a while. I already agreed to talk with him in person but when I do what can I say or ask him to figure out what his real intentions are?

    • It's like it's a disclaimer that he will eff-up things and he's excusing (apologizing?) for it in advance. The fact that he ran back to you immediately makes me suspicious still, despite the clarification, QA.

    • Yeah, the clarification does make more sense as to why your heart is torn, but as why-makoto-kun said, he seems suspicious. Especially when there are plenty of single, lovely guys out there. Why take the risk of a broken heart and disappointment? :/

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  • You shouldn't take him back...you 2 broke up for a reason, which is most likely still there. It'd just be retarded. Plus him coming back running to you after he failed with another girl for 2 weeks is pretty pathetic...basically saying "I've tried other girls, but I can't make it work, so I guess I'll just have to settle for you"...

  • Ask him for his idea about your new relationship. Go over why yu broke up. Grill him about trhis two week affair! If he won't discuss these things openly, it would be better to stay split up.

    I would list some conditions he has to meet before you even consider renewing your old relationship...


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  • I wouldn't go for it. Too many times I've allowed exes back into my life. Honestly, it has never worked for me. I think its best to leave the past where it was. If you want to continue talking as friends then make no contact in person, just friendly chit chat like texting/phone calls. Otherwise, move on.

    Also, for a guy to come back after a two week relationship seems strange. TWO WEEKS. I mean honestly, do you want to date a guy who broke up with someone after two weeks?!

  • If I were you, I would not mess with him. A 2 week "relationship"? I have milk older than that. I don't know what he's trying to pull, exactly, but kosher it ain't. If he wants you back, he can wait and he can make an effort. You broke up for a reason, right? Has that reason been addressed? Probably not. And then there was the fact that he felt like it was okay to blow you off... so he can take you or leave you as he sees fit, but when he whistles you better come running? I don't think so. At least that wouldn't work for me.

    Straight up: whatever you decide to accept is what you will get. Don't be the low-hanging fruit- once you're in that role it's impossible to break out of. If you don't value yourself, you can't expect anyone else to, either.

  • If you have strong feelings for him then yes meet him if you don't then that is easy say no

  • I take it he was the one who left, seeking a relationship with someone he was either more physically attracted to, or just thought she was overall better. He took the risk, leaving you in pain. His risk didn't pay off, and I'm guessing she dumped him.

    Now that he's out in the cold, he's got his eyes set on you once again in the hopes that you will take him back. You need to ask what is his real reason for wanting you back, and how long does he intend to stay? You also need to ask yourself is he really worth the potential agony if he should decide to leave again.

    I would kindly remind him of why he left and let him know that based on the reason(s) I stated that it wouldn't work out and would not meet up with him or take him back.

  • Don't do it. He's rebounding. Based on some of your previous questions, he wasn't a catch...


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