Randomly ran into guy from my elementary days...

Alright, so I was at a bar in a touristy area outside of my city, and this guy from my grade 3 class recognized me and came up to me to say hi. I have no recollection of him, but he remembers all our classes/teachers together. He asked me for my number and I didn't think much of it and kind of let it go (stopped texting him) not really expecting much to come out of it.

A month later he texts me saying he's back at that bar he met me at. Since then we have been texting quite regularly. Thing is he is a terrible texter. He'll text me make awkward small talk, and then one of us will just end the conversation and not reply.

He always texts me back a few days later with the most random texts. Like "when are you finished work?". And just leave it at that...

He hasn't really asked me out directly. He'll say things like "Do you like to go out on weekends?" and ill be like "Yeah, I usually make a point of it". and all ill get back is "cool". I have nooooo idea what he wants.

Any ideas?


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  • Warning signs - Anyone with access to google these days could pretend to be from your old class and to have known you years ago.

    Check that out. Don't just take his word for it.

    • I checked it out in my year book haha. But this is true :) thanks

  • Maybe he's just a bad text(er) but if he seemed like a good and normal guy when you last met then I wouldn't judge him on that alone. To give you an example I actually gave my number to this girl I know from high school today and I haven't really talk to her much in years. I helped her with some exercises at the gym. Anyway she texted me right after thanking me then another text asking how my run went, which went pretty wet as it was raining today and she texted back something like I bet it was. I thought it was nice that she texted me right away.

    I don't know if this guy is interested romantically, maybe he is just trying to be friends first.


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