Why did my boyfriend respect me more than his ex-girlfriend

I ask the question about why my boyfriend posted the sexy photo of his ex-girlfriend on his MySpace when they was dating? But he didn't post my sexy picture I e-mailed him my pictures and told him he could put them on his MySpace.

Most people respond was because he respect me more than his ex-girlfriend. But why did he respect me more than his ex-girlfriend. What so different about her than me that make him respect her more than me?

It isn't like she dress slutty or act promiscuous or anything. She's normal. I show more skin than she did. Just wondering.
I am grateful he respects me. I just find it kind of strange he would treat his other girlfriend differently. I don't know maybe they are wrong.


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  • Well I don't know how long they dated, but it sounds like the ex was more of a fling and that he actually loves you. Men tend to be secretive, more appreciative, and respectful when it comes to a woman they truly care about- I'm also assuming he cherishes what you two share with each other and do not want the world to see the special things his lady does for him. Just look at it that way. But I also think that you should just ask him yourself.


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  • Wtf? Your guy respecting you more than his ex? Really? I'm sure they broke up for a reason. Be great full he respects you. I'm not seeing what the issue is

  • Clearly his last relationship didn't turn out well (with his ex), why make the same decisions that came to the break up? Insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting different results.


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