Is it normal to like someone I don't really know?

About a year ago I met my now ex boyfriend. during our relationship I met few of his friends, and I remember I always thought one of his mates was really good looking. My boyfriend was absent through most of our relationship ( he was in jail for few weeks or abroad working for another few weeks) Nothing happened with me and that other guy but I always had this strong feeling he feels something towards me, he always chatted me up, or even tried flirting with me... But I wouldn't ever bring myself to have a longer conversation with him because I was afraid that something might happened and I think so was he. shortly after me and my boyfriend broke up I stopped going places where I would see him.. He was always at the back of my head and I would always find myself thinking about him. I tried going to the place where we would always meet but he was never there anymore... and that made me want him even more. I rally want to get hold of him but I don't know how I can do it without him thinking I am a stalker, desperate or something. We have few common friends that I am or was close to so I guess I could get hold of him through them but I don't know how I can do it.. There's something about him that I can't stop thinking about him and I think he has that something, since he's making me feel that way since the day we met. I really want to get to know him better, because all of this is really starting to upset me now..

What should I do? is this normal or am I weird?


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  • It's normal ,and it's called attraction

  • Yeah it normal , it has happen to me a lot . And I like you already , and I don't know you ! See it happens ;)


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