Over annalyzing things or is he just not interested?

ok, so my ex and I are trying to get back together, but he says that I've been a bitch lately and that I have been over analyzing stuff? one of his friends told me that he's just been using me for sex and ever since I brought that up he's been a total ass to me for no reason.

now, he said that he wasn't sure about us cause he has work, and training, and riding (hes a pro motocross racer) and he's been really busy lately, so I asked him if that means that were done and he flipped out saying I was over analyzing and stuff. I've also seen pictures of him hanging on girls at partys on instagram and stuff and

hes made no effort to talk to me and seems like he's just giving excuses to not be with me again.

should I just give up and move on?


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  • I mean he could be interested in hooking up but that's about it nothing more or less. He's clearly moved on and isn't thinking about get together.


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