My boyfriend prefers his family and friends

iv been with my boyfriend for 4 years now and we use to do everything together as when I met him I kept him out of trouble stopped him from going out with the people he was getting In trouble with but now he just don't want to spend anytime with me he's started lieing about things he prefers to spend days on end with his parents or his friends going to the pub but when I ask him to spend a day with me he makes up excuses saying he's busy when he's not now ever since he got his moped he's gotten even more worser ill ring him up and ill ask him when he will be back and he will be like I don't no I'm out with my friends or I'm not coming back tonight then when he eventually comes down he expects me to show him some love but I don't feel like it but even when I get time to spend with him his parents always phone him up and he will always end up going up to them and he wants me to go up there sometimes and I just don't feel like going up there I just want to chill out for a day iv confronted him about it but he don't listen all he says every time is that's life live with it


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  • Well tell him that your life is different, and tell him, your happy for him to spend time away from you, but your willing to be approached by guys who will show you more attention than he does, if this don't warn him that he's losing you, then its time to move on,x


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  • Well, he's much closer to them, and you can be the one he's planning to be with.


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  • You don't have to "live with it." You can move on. You are young and people grow apart. I was that person to someone else a long time ago too. And when I realized it was no longer my place, it hurt, but I broke up with him.

    Maybe next time his is out with his friends you should ask if can can join them. Not as a frequent thing always imposing, but once in a while. It would be helpful in your relationship to become closer and become better friends with his friends. If you seriously see yourself with him in the future, it is important. It is important to be honest with yourself when you are looking at this situation. If you do not see yourself with him in the future, maybe it's time to move on and meet someone fun and enjoys your company.

    Hope this helps :)

    • it does help thank you iv tried to connect with him and his friends but the ones he goes out with ain't particually the ones I like but I tried getting along with them for his sake but it just want working as they just wanted to go out everyday and get drunk which I don't mind having a drink now and then but they was just draining him for his money as they never had non

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