Where do I stand with my ex now?

Just a bit of background info...My boyfriend broke up with my 3 weeks ago. He's stressed with long hours at work, financial issues and the fact his son lives in a different country from him (he really misses him and it upset him). He said he can't give a relationship the time it needs. Saying "I'm not saying it's over forever, but it is for now." There was no arguing, pleading or otherwise on my part. It was amicable

So, I decided to go with the no contact rule. He hasn't contacted me. I hadn't contacted him...until today. I sent him a message simply saying "I wanted to wish you a happy fathers day! You're an amazing dad. Don't forget that. Hope you're doing good. Take it easy."

He responded with a straight "thanks" which prompted me to ask if he's OK. To which he said "just dandy." (During our relationship "just dandy" was always used in a sarcastic manner). I'm trying not to over analyse his response and trying to chalk it up to the fact it's fathers day and he's not with his son.

What do you think?


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  • Yeah, the most likely explanation is that he misses his son on Fathers' Day.


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  • His short responses would hint that his conversation with you is being held to a minimum, he doesn't want to be pulled into something where to much effort is needed so he keeps his responses short. I think his excuses are a little lame for the ending of the relationship, because if a guy is into a girl, then nothing will stop him from making the effort needed to maintain it. So he is keeping you on a string, just in case something better does not come along, which then he knows he can always go back to you because he made these lame excuses for the split in the first place so you would hold on to that possibility. You should move on and be open to another relationship if the opportunity arises, because he is doing exactly that. If you hold on to his words and hope on him returning, then you will damage a lot of your self respect in his eyes, and it would never last because of this, because as far as he would be concerned would be that your desperate. And no guy likes a desperate girl as a partner, so move on for someone worthy of your talents, not hang on for someone who hasn't noticed them,x

  • H needs someone's shoulder to cry on. Why not yours? He may need to be consoled about his son and work and so on, before he even thinks about you as a possible partner in other ways.

    Invtie him somewhere and just be a good listener; over advice when he seems to hesitate, or if he asks for it; mostly just listen and ask questions when he stops talking.

  • You stand as being a friend of him now.


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