I need to move out! Abusive mom

My mom continues to treat my like I'm 16 and we got into an altercation this weekend over some dumbass laundry. OK so I know how to wash my clothes. But my mom said I overloaded the machine because there was no bubbles or foam in the machine. So she makes me take out all my dress clothes and separate the jeans and whatever. I told her I'd do it later because I was making a smoothie when she came in and I was straining the pulp trying not to make a mess. She counts to 5 and tells me to come over so she can show me how to do this or else. I'm still straining the smoothie and I walk over there by 4 and then when she gets to 5, she yanks my clothes out the washing machine and starts BEATING ME WITH IT! Like WTF?! I'm like stop and covering my head. Meanwhile, our dog bites whoever she's close to who's attacking mom. Mom's attacking me so my dog starts biting my legs. I get pissed off and toss her away. My mom gets even more mad and she starts punching me in the head and stuff because I tossed the dog. (Our dog is fine. I tossed her so she'd slide on her stomach on the slippery floor. But mom was mad because I tossed her. I only tossed her because she kept biting me) So in defense, I rip her shirt and start punching her back until she says stop it and stops hitting me. Then she tried to calmly tell me how to do the clothes but I tell her don't even try and help me or talk to me. I'm still pissed at her. And I wish I had some friends to stay with but everyone my age is living with their parents and it'd be awkward for my guy friend's to bring me over to their parents house at 4 in the morning. I didn't talk to her at all yesterday or today but she's trying to talk to me again. I just want to find another job soon so I can work on the weekends. I enjoy the weekends because it's peaceful and I can meditate and relax and not have to get up and rush to work. But f*ck it if I have to continue living with this bitch! What do I do? I can't call the cops on her for abuse because she is a cop and if she goes to jail, I can't afford to take care of myself with this sh*tty paycheck I get every week.


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  • You really should move out. If you can't, start calling for the cops. You're already overabused.

  • You could look in some ads looking for roommates. Or get a second job and try to make it on your own.


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