Would you call him if....?

I have known this guy for 11 months. He has been to my house once, called me about 3 to 4 times. We did work together but he was laid off. He would talk to 5 other female co-workers more so than to me. He did me one favor back in February from my home. But I believe he has been to one other female co-workers' home. I told him that I liked him and wanted to be with him. Basically his lack of action meant no. He disappeared after that. Can I call him and ask to a movie or leave well enough alone. I haven't heard from him since May 3. Also, one of the female co-workers -i asked him if he liked- went up to him on his last day of work rubbing her finger on his arm, I just turned my back-i didn't want to see that, his back was turned and did not know who it was until she grabbed him by the arm-he turned his head at that point. I had turned my head at the point. the next thing I know they were behind me, I believe she grabbed him over there to rub it in my face. She started whining saying to him you haven't called me, why haven't you called me. he was like yea I said that she just kept whining to him. He finally said-I gotta go in a rushed manner. The whole time she was trying to talk to him I believe she was rubbing on hiim cause I kept feeling him push away her hand or they were hitting me on my back. When I thought they had finished, it wasn't long, I turned my head and she was leaning against the wall pouting, looking mad, with her arms crossed. I left after that. were they trying to be funny with me? All this happened with at least 6 other co-workers standing there. In order for us to leave we had to be signed out.



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  • I don't think they were doing it to hurt you. It sounds like the other girl was flirting with him hardcore, and he was uncomfortable. But I don't think he is interested in you either, because he would have called you by now.

    • so he likes her and you think they are dating

    • No. She likes him. He doesn't like her.

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