Should I keep faith in him?

We have never met each other before till a week ago, he came to my country and met me. We have knw each other for 4 years now, and I always have some special feeling for him. It was wonderful during 2 weeks we was together, he is just " the one". I never believe in that theory before until now. We have some problems though, he has a girlfriend at home and the distance between us. He is in Canada while I'm in Vietnam. I have strong feeling for him, but I'm just not sure what he feel about me. When he was with me, its like just me but now, he is not with me anymore and he is still in relationship with his girlfriend. I'm so confuse. We talked a lot about family, kids and our life together but I'm not sure that I should keep faith and try to figure out what going on between us or just give up. He seems strange after he is back his country. Its so complicated for being friend with a man you know on internet and have feeling for him til he came to meet u, that feeling is just getting stronger but you don't have courage to take that risk . He was keep saying how rare our situation is to find some one you look for whole life. I'm just not really trust him yet. My ex made me believe in love then he just crushed it by cheating on me, so I lost that trust in love. I'm so afraid if I'm so in to this guy now and he doesn't feel the same then I will be totally broken. I told him to give answer at the end of this month for what we will be after this. Right now, I'm such a mess. I miss him so much and frustrated for our situation. What should I do?


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  • Move say you believed in love before you ex cheated on you...yet this guy basically cheats on his current girlfriend, and that's ok? He doesn't love you, he's LUSTING for you. There's a difference...there is no "the one", move on...there are plenty of "ones"...

    • But will you go all the way from Canada to Vietnam just to spend time with a girl you know by internet? I mean if its just lust then it isn't worth at all.

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