How do I tell my boyfriend I'm fallin in love with him?

We just started dating again we broke up a while ago but we just got back together and my feelinga never went away they picked back up right where they left off and I'm falling hard in love with him but I don't wanna say it to soon and then him think I'm moving to fast. Help please!


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  • If you think its too soon and you don't want to make him think you're moving too fast, then just wait..

    And meanwhile just be nice to him show him you care about him.

    So you guys never said I love you words to each other even before you broke up?

    And he hasn't said any words to you yet?

    If he's been telling you how much he cares about yoj and you can see he loves you, I don't see any problem telling him how much you love him.

    • He didn't say it last time but I made a comment jokingly and he openly agreed to it. We always joke around saying yeah but that's why you love me and he answered of course babe

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