How to break up with a guy?

My boyfriend and me are just way to different at first I thought I'd learn to embrace it, enjoy the ways he was different but it's just driving me mad. He's really laid back, go with the flow, who cares sort of attitude. I'm really intense, extreanly drivin, and a bit of a worry wart so we clash a lot. He's also very very sexual and I'm way more timid in that area and all the dirty talk and the constant mention of it in every conversation is a huge turn off for me. He also has a hard time keeping commitments like dates or plans to hangout or whatever. I know it's not right but he kinda lack confidence in himself and I've always been the dumpee not the dumper I don't know how to say it without sounding like a bitch.


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  • What? I always thought girls like insecure guys? No self confidence...big turn on


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  • The best way is to say that you're not working anymore.


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  • OMG, this is so me! I have the exact situation right here, and it's driving me insane! Like, I know we are bad for each other because we are just too different!

    I've heard that you should always have one thing, one bigger thing, that you both have the same, cause that's probably keeping you together, but I'm still not sure I want to stay with him!

    I feel like I love his family and everybody, and I don't want to hurt them more than I'm afraid of hurting him! Haha. I can't even say that I'm in love with him anymore...

    But anyways, I'm sure we sound like bitches! So please, once you've got an idea how you will break it to him/how you'll continue, do tell!


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