Why does he ignore me for a week after my ex leaves?

I have lived in my apartment for about to years now I like this guy that says hi to me but he is in a relationship with a women and her two kids from a previous marriage. My ex boyfriend and I are still pretty good friends and he comes over and spends the night sometimes. A lot of the times we fight and my ex is very loud. But I've noticed that after my ex leaves ever time my neighbor ignores me for a week usually he says hi to me if he is out. But he just ignores me if he is out until I make him something sweet to butter him up.


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  • Maybe he doesn't like hearing you fight? Kids are numbskulls and you're just one of the bunch; you invite this dude over, fight with him, have the ability of foresight ( which makes it your fault ) and disrupt his life and his family. You, you're not the bad neighbor, but the package that comes with you is just crap.

    I know I'd hate you.

    • The only time I'm loud is when my ex is over. My neighbors are much louder and I've heard them fight a ton since I've lived here. After a week he is back to his friendly self.

    • Have you consider he might not love them either? And yes after a week he forget and moves on with life like all other sensible beings. It doesn't mean he you don't upset him. Poor man.

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  • It seems that your ex is his good friend, or your ex made a bad imiage of you to him


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