She's been seeing a guy behind my back without telling me, should I be worried?

My girlfriend and I have been together for nearly 5 years. I work as a junior economist, and she works in marketing. I'm 5'8", 220lbs., round face, basically not very attractive, but not ugly either. I'm a really nice guy, and we have a great relationship.

I just found out she's been seeing this other guy, and I don't know to what extent she's been seeing him. He's 5'11", 190lbs., chiseled face with good bone structure (looks like Henry Cavill), really fit (broad and big shoulders, big arms and chest, he has abs) and has topless pictures of himself on the beach on Facebook, and he's a lawyer and an accountant.

I don't know much about him, other than that they met at the gym, she's never mentioned him before, and he seems like one of those arrogant rich d*cks. Should I be worried that something could potentially go on between her and him?


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  • Should you be worried that something could potentially go on between her and him? Well, by the sounds of it, sounds like there already is something going on.

    Why is she seeing this guy while she has a bf? Is this just a friend thing where they are just friends or is this something more?

    By the sounds of it, she has to hide this because there is something not so great about what she is doing.

    I would definitely talk to her. If the tables were turned and you were seeing a girl that looked like Miranda Kerr, but hid it from her - I'm sure she would have a HUGE problem with it!

    You shouldn't accuse her of something, but let her know that it bothers you. Especially because she was hiding it form you.

    I'm sure you love your girlfriend, but if she is doing this to you, then she doesn't really love you that much. And you deserve to be with a girl who loves you. A good body and beauty will only get you so far, after a while of being together if you don't have other things the love will diminish.

    You deserve to be with a girl who cherishes you for who you are and treats you how you treat them. You already have so much going for you, you have a decent job and seem like a nice guy.


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  • You don't know what extent she has been seeing him? Naw, man. That sh*t ain't right. Don't let her do you this way.

  • Sounds like game over to me, man. Sorry.

  • You should be worried. It must be that they are doing something detrimental to your eyes

  • If she is hiding it from you then you should definitely be worried.

    • I'm just worried that maybe I'm over-reacting, and maybe she just didn't mention anything to me so that I wouldn't think it was a big deal or take it the wrong way.

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    • I mean, he's a good looking guy. Not going to lie. Have to give credit where credit is due. But I wouldn't say he's like supermodel status.

    • My point is that your girlfriend wouldn't except that kind of behavior from you.

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