Should I keep on chasing my EX?

Me and my Ex broke up almost 4 months ago, we we´re together for almost 4 years. The reason she broke up, is that I wasn´t paying that much attention to her, and so on, like the usuall split reason for long term relationships.

We´re both dentist studying masters at college, she is an orthodoncist while I'm a Endodoncist, so eventually we´ll see each other.

2 weeks ago I decided to keep the friend relationship at the same time I'm trying to win her back. When we´re both together we've been having grat times. For example the second day we dated, she was the one that kissed me, and ever since, when we date we kiss, I keep on telling her I love her, doing things I stopped doing.. basically letting her know I love her, and I want her back.

Every time I tell her "I love you" she won't answer back, she says "I need time to think things over, and be sure you won't be this way temporarilly". So here I am, missing her, being nice to her. She has been nice to me but not in the way I wpuld want. I really think she wants to get back but wants to be sure of it.

It hurts that She won't beleive me right away, but at the same time I comprehend her position, she wants me to prove her I'm interested, and that's what I've been doing so far.

Also at the beginning of the break up, she couldn't stand me like, she felt shame, and awkardness to be close. And now we can talk, hug each other talk for hours on phone, kiss, etc.

You guys think I should remain this way, and wait ?


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  • I TOTALLY recommend you read the book "the 5 love languages, by Gary Chapman, cause it sounds to me like your way of expressing love to her wasn't the way that really speaks love to her heart. I think this book will help you know how to speak her "love language," so she"ll really start to feel that you truly are paying attention to her. By the way, this is NOT an ad for this book. I just think it will really speak to your situation.

    • I know It's hard to picture for someone who doesn't know Her or Me, but Overall of the situation, what do you think?

    • What do you usually do to show her you love her? Do you cuddle with her and hold her hand? Do you give her gifts? Do you spend time with her and talk to her? Do you like to do little things for her?

      Then think, what does (did) she do to show her affection for you? Usually we show love by doing that which makes us feel loved. So think about what she does, and give that same back to her.

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  • I always recommed not to go back with an ex since it's just like picking up broken glasses. Painful and lots of hassles


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