What are the best ps2 controllers?

Are there different types of well made controllers?

i have couple of ps2 controllers, but both of them suck,lol.

They mess my gameplay by randomly moving the character by itself or it will move the controller by itself.

So the ones I have are probably both Dualshock controllers, any ideas on what's the best for PS2?


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  • Dualshock, I'd guess. They're the best for the ps3 and I believe they made them dor the ps2. This is just what I've learned from working in a game store.

    • Really, so I guess dualshocks are the best. Can the wires on the ps2 controllers cause thethese kind of issues with the character moving by it self or the controller acting up?

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    • I see, Thanks for all the help:)

    • No problem!

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  • The dualshocks are always the best.


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