Would you dare call him after...?

I have known this man for 11 months. We worked together until he was laid off. We have talked on the phone and he has been to my house once. He hasn't called since 1st week of May. Is it o.k to call and ask him to a movie? I do believe he was at least speaking to one other co worker. He talked to many other female co-workers. On the last day of work a female co-worker walked up to him, his back was to us, and rubbed her finger on his arm and she finally grabbed his arm. That's when he turned his head and then that's when I turned around. I didn't want to see what was going on. However, I believe she moved him over to where I was standing. She was whining asking why he hadn't called her back and when was he going to call her. He responded with yea I said that, yea I know, I gotta go. I don't understand why he and she did this under nose. while they were talking I believe she was rubbing on his arm and he was pushing her hand away cause someone kept hitting my back. when I turned around, when they got quie, she was leaning on the wall pouting, not smiling with her arms crossed. Even though it is evident he must talk to other women can I call to ask him to hang out and go to a movie with me. or just leave him alone?


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  • Just leave him alone.


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