My boyfriend is so boring...

We've been going out for a couple of weeks and he never wants do anything just walk around. I would invite him over to swim in my pool but my parents are strict. He invited me to go to the beach but he told me I needed to get a ride. He says he drinks and smokes weed and I want him to bring some so we have something to do when we hangout but it gets boring hanging out in the park all the time. I went out with him Because he was kinda cute and I wanted to have sex with him. Lol. I wish he would invite me over his house or something but I don't wanna be nervey. When ever I text him he's always hanging out with my ex because l live by him. Today he told me that he was hanging out with him and a really hot girl. I'm kinda pissed and he's boring should I just end it. please help:)


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  • Maybe you're the boring one. You should try initiating things more


What Girls Said 1

  • Um I think you should end it. He's talking about hanging out with another hot girl? Really. He sounds like an a**hole, dump him.


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