Severe anxiety about running into my ex.

We live in the same town(It's a small town), I am so worried I will run into him, I don't know where we stand. I broke up with him out of the blue and last time we talked he seemed angry at me... I have this phobia of seeing him and puking... like I fantasize about it... I still like him, but he started acting douchey and whenever I tried to talk to him he wouldn't listen or make me feel stupid. It really took a toll on my confidence.. I would almost call it an abusive relationship. Does anyone deal with the same feelings? I am ignoring him for know and he's been trying to contact me... I just want move but I feel like I should face this problem... I don't know what to do.
also I am afraid to date another guy... I think he might trash talk me and spread rumors that I'm a whore and cheated (he thinks I broke up with him because of cheating. But that's not true.) He is popular and knows like everybody. I hate small towns...


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  • The best thing you can do is to move on and not worry. This will actually take time. Any trash talk he might do is completely immature and based upon a lack of self confidence. No real man would trash talk an ex...ever...Is he even nice? Who would do such a thing?

    I felt the same way you did ten years ago with an ex. The feeling fades as the months roll by. Think about it. After about 2 months or so, shouldn't a healthy human heal and get over things?

    You broke up with him...big deal. Folks do it all the time. People put too much weight on relationships. It's not like you had property or children or were (yick) married. (sorry about that, I think marriage is silly these days, but that's a different discussion...) It sounds like you need a bit of growing up to do. Don't date men who you would be afraid to run into at any time. I live in a small town. Date someone outside of your zip code. Live the best you can (I've been told excellent living is the best revenge)

    The best psychotherapy is to realize your fear is just that...Your Fear, and you are telling yourself you are afraid. Why torture yourself? Stop over-thinking. Most of the time things end up working out. The second thing to do is to be 100% honest with yourself and him and anyone else you ever deal with. If you run into him and are uncomfortable, say so and leave. The truth never hurts after you say it. I think it will work out. Relax and happy trails.


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