Is there still a chance of a relationship even after 2 years has passed?

I'm in love with a guy friend, he's told me in the past he really likes me but isn't ready for a relationship - his ex cheated on him. Recently I spoke to his brother about it and his brother said that I need to get over him, if something was going to happen it would have by now. It's been two years, is his brother right, or could there still be a chance? My instincts tell me that he still has feelings for me but he's listening to the others who keep telling him too much time has passed. What shall I do? I still like him a lot and believe it can work.


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  • I agree with his brother - he probably has more insight on the situation then you do and he may be more aware of his brothers habits than you are.

  • His brother is probably right. I'm not saying give up hope, but keep other doors open.

    Try to rekindle something by going out together, and see where that leads.

    Even try to be flirtatious.

    If it goes no where...then there is your answer. (Of course after having a few outings with him).


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