Short term relationship. Ugly ending. Any advice?

I met this girl 6 months after a 3 year relationship. I wasn't looking to date somehow someway we started dating but I was still speaking with ex and quite uncomfortable taking this new one out in my exes city. We would meet everyday and just make out, not much more. Valentine's I took her for dinner. A month later she said she couldn't anymore she was having problems...basically she broke up nicely. Since then she and I both have tried to communicate about a month ago we went out 4. Times made out. I thought we were in a relationship only for her to leave again. Again small communication...then I heard something and got angry messaged her to give me my stuff back after asking her to meet. She gave me them and I tied them back to her car. Now 2 weeks laters I'm still blocked and we've had no contact. What would everyone advice to get her back.
Basically she thinks I said give me everything back because I asked her to a drink she said ya but I'm with my friend. I replied never mind don't want a drink just bring me all my stuff. Then I see her with her friend I'm holding my hand on head in frustration going to buy cigarettes (I'd just stopped for a week) so I MSG you know I wish you always happy don't mind my ups and freaked out, you freak me out. She replies ok
So later I notice I'm all over the place and I MSG her, I wish I could be a man for you but I can't I can't take care of myself now let alone you or any other girl. I love you with all my heart I wish you the best...she never got it because I was blocked. I really want her but if I can somehow make peace up with her ill be satisfied with that ...any suggestions?


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  • You both are confused. A relationship between two confused people will not work. You are still speaking with your ex, and this girl might have found out. You didn't say what the rumor was that made you angry at her, but if it was something little, then she's probably thinking you are not worth her time anymore. So just move on.

    • Rumour was from a girl whose not really close to either of us. She just came up to me and started saying I'm too good for her and I shouldn't be with her...then she said that the girl liked my boss and all she wanted was money. My heart stopped I left where I was...and that's when I msged her forgetting all the nices gifts and gestures she did for me, and not noticing that girl was indirectly hitting on me. Now I somehow wna get her back but I'm blocked and that's telling me to stay away

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    • Your very right. But the fact that I do notice I believe I deserve her. Problem one my brother is in a foreign country in prison for accidentally hitting child with car. Prob 2 they asking 150K to release him. Prob 3 found out my mom has a sickness and must be operated. Prob 3 through all these ups and downs I really lost myself. Since she blocked me she has this quote by JFK the onl unchangeable certainty is that nothing is certain or unchangeable. What's this mean?

    • I'm asking advice how to make peace or get her back. To move on I already can its been 2 weeks no contact but my mind tells me not to let go. She is special, ya I'm wrong for believing but I was in no state to know otherwise.. At that time I just wanted to make sure we nice to each other and hope I can finish all my probs in that time. But to think of her with someone else at a time where everything was going wrong and she knew just killed me

  • I think you need to give her some space, you're clearly trying to be the grown up here but if she's not willing... I'd say move on, take some time and maybe try in a couple of weeks when things have cooled down :) good luck!

    • I am except I did the most chilidish thing that's so not me of asking for my sh*t back and now it's getting to me anyways thanks just gna keep silent and see what happens

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