Follow up to a previous I on the right track?

Hi all,

This is a follow up to a question I previously asked a few weeks ago:


We've spent a lot of time together these past few weeks. Most recently, we took a trip to upstate NY to a) see the area and b) visit his dad. He had a bit too much wine a few of those nights which resulted in me getting some kick ass back rubs. The last back rub was pretty lengthy and he wound up lying next to me in bed while trying to work out my knots, or so he said. Something we discussed even caused him to tell me I'm a beautiful person.

We drove home to WV Tuesday morning and the car ride was fun and conversational. He asked how my back was and laughed at the fact that when he's drunk I get back-rubs. We are only home for two days and then we are going away to Kentucky for the weekend. He wants to see the burbon distilleries and I have a good friend in the area I'd like to visit. After the few days we spent together, we wound up having a few hours to ourselves yesterday and then met up at the gym and did some gym time together and he came over afterward for dinner and we sat and watched movies. (You'd think he'd want some "me time"...). He's very doting, cooked me dinner, serves me when I don't ask, explains why his responses to texts were delayed, tells me who he has to call and why if I am with him, etc. There are moments where I do get teased, and I know it's all in good fun. I've noticed that the way he looks at me has changed since before we went to's gotten softer and happier.

This is obviously budding into something, right? I don't want to confront him about it and make things uncomfortable between us because we have a good thing going. Should I just go along for the ride and enjoy it?


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  • There is obviously the *desire* for something grow on his part.

    But if you just sit there and hope he does all the work, it will die and he will bugger off and find someone else.

    Things like this require efforts from both parties - if you don't step up, flirt back, turn on the charm in a way that he understands... then he'll think he's just pissing into the wind.

    • Understood...and I am doing what I feel are within the limits right now. I am hoping things just flow naturally. There is a lot of desire between the two of us, that is for sure.

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