We broke up for 2 days & got back together, but I found an earring on his bed last night.

We were about to get it on... He was laying on the bed & I went around to my side & sat there for a second... I felt something beady under my leg, so I reached under & had no idea what it was because it was long & dangly/made of beads... & then I put it in front of my face to see what it was & it happened to be an earring that was not mine at all. I was so in a daze.. he didn't know what was happening because he was focused on the tv. 10 minutes before he was just talking to me about how he wanted me to be pregnant & that he wanted to work on it tonight... I was just in my thoughts... Finally I got angry & put it in front of his face & went, "Here you go!" & he was like "What? What is that?" & I was like "An earring." He asked me if it was mine & I told him no & then he went on to say that he has no idea where it came from (the whole time I'm starring him down, rolling my eyes & looking out the window thinking). He told me that it could be his mom's... or maybe his brother brought a girl in there... or that he had a lot of stuff on his bed from his closet earlier & that it could've been from an ex. (Mind you that this is a new house, I helped him sort out & throw all the things from his ex's away. I also put everything in his new closet. At the same time, this house is being shown by a realtor.. they are temporarily living there, so I GUESS it could be from a person seeing the house.. but I doubt it.) Then he could tell I was pissed because I wasn't talking, I was just starring at things. He offered to take me home because he knew I was going to be upset the whole time. Then he kept telling me he's never had another girl in there. (It was his idea to breakup & then when he noticed I wasn't paying him any mind or attention, he wanted me back, so I gave him another chance... + the fact that he told me that he wanted me to be pregnant & then I find this.) I'm not sure what to think.
The bed was perfectly made... the earring was just sitting there on top.


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  • Being that he has so many other people living with him, it's hard to say whose it really is. All you can do is speculate and go with your instincts.

    If you choose to believe him, you have to give him that full trust but continue to keep your eyes open (because you never know).

    But I suggest birth control and condom usage because you two are at no point where you should even think about bringing a child into this world.

    A) there is distrust

    B) you two broke up for a reason

    Take your time, work on your relationship and see where it brings you.

    • I saw your comments to other posters. If he has actually cheated on you and you see no improvements in his character. Then it's best not to be together. Yes, he may love you but he doesn't know how to respect you. You two may need a longer break instead of rushing back into something where signs are still there.

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    • Ty for ba :)

    • you're welcome! :)

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  • my girlfriend found earnings in my apartment and jumped to conclusions. they were my sisters

    • Lol he doesn't have a sister. The only woman in the house is his mom who does nottttt wear earrings like that. She wears studs. She's like 59 years old. These are earrings that younger people wear. Party style..

  • If he had sex with another woman while you were broken up that's not exactly something you can be upset about. You can be upset if he is the type of person who will have sex outside of a relationship, you can be upset about they breakup itself, especially if he initiated for the purpose of sleeping with someone else, but it is important that you accept that he probably didn't cheat on you. I'm not saying don't be suspicious or angry. I'm just saying that you should be angry for the right reasons.

    • His reason for breaking up was so that he could work to be a "better man" in his words & work towards our relationship. While we were broken up, he said he didn't want me to see anyone & that he would not see anyone either because of our goal of working to better ourselves & get back together, but he has problems with women, so that is why I am a bit skeptical & surprised at the fact that he wants a child with me.. Like mixed feelings about everything... but, I let it go.. I just wonder.

    • I'm not saying that I know for a fact that he's actually cheated cheated on me... I'm saying that I've found things like pictures & little things throughout our relationships.. I've heard things.. I always give him the benefit of the doubt though because I know he means well & loves me, but I do keep watch on things.

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  • If you were broken up you can't get mad, but I would say hold off the baby thing while you are having trust issues with him.


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