Girls always have boyfriends, how many are happy?

So it seems like girls always have boyfriends for multiple reasons. Some for security, some cause they always need one. etc. I'm not one to break up relationships but I mean if I meet a girl who has a boyfriend and I find out she's not really happy with him. What's wrong with just continuing to talk to her and just getting to know her and slowly seeing where things go? What is the best way to get a girl with a boyfriend? Just the way I said? I've never went about this so I would like some pointers. Obviously I don't want to force her into breaking up, but would like her the make the decision on her own.


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  • Aside from insecurity and using a boyfriend to justify feeling good about themselves, sometimes girls ACTUALLY appreciate their partners lol.

    But yes, you're right, a lot of the time, relationships are security blankets for girls. I think there is nothing wrong with being friends with a girl, seeing how your personalities match, etc. as long as there is no cheating considered. Draw a very firm line between friends and taking the next step (if you get there). If you actually want things to work out for more than one or two makeout sessions, you need to make it clear that you won't consider going behind anyone's back to be with her. Respecting her boyfriend (even if she doesn't seem to) and that will go a long way in making you seem like a good option...maybe good enough that she'd consider switching relationships.


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  • of all my friends that have bfs they are all happy

  • Not all of them are happy. A lot of friends I know are either being cheated on and cheating on their partner.


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