Did I smother her, should I say sorry ?

i met a girl at a party we are both 18 and we hit it off really quick was talking hugging kissing, then for next few days we haven't stopped talking to each other I went to her place after school and we watched movies talked kissed and got kinda sexual but held off on serious stuff, I stayed over but she didn't want to sleep in same bed but wanted a kiss before I slept on couch...anyway woke up kissed got breakfast and before I left another kiss, then we went out to dinner together at a party and she wasn't kissing me or doing any of the lovey stuff I felt pushed away...but when no one was looking she would make out with me eventually I end up being the one who go's for the kisses after the night I woke up and I would put my arm around her hugging her when we sat together but she wouldn't kiss me or do anything back, then when we layed in bed together it was like I wasn't there, at one point though she layed her head on me, then when I said I was going I got a kiss and a hug but she didn't leave her arms around me...should i

ask if I smothered her? and say sorry for doing so?


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  • She sounds weird what is her problem for real. It seems like she is playing hard to get. Is she into you or not? Ask her


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  • it is too soon for you to know where it stands,she doesn't seem to want to seal the deal yet until she is comfortable enough to make it official with u,I say just give it time.

  • I think she's the problem not you, talk to her and ask if she really wants something with you or not.

  • back off a bit she might be getting a desperate vibe from you. let her initiate the intimate stuff.


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