Is there anything your Ex girlfriend can do or say to win you back when you have moved on?

I am just wondering for the guys out there, is there anything a former girlfriend could say to you to win you back, (assuming you still had some level of feelings for her) even if you had moved on with someone new and the feelings for your ex were more of a caring feeling?

If your ex begged you to get back together and by doing so pushed you to the point where you cut all contact with her, is there anything she can do to redeem herself in your eyes, besides no contact of course! lol! Is there anything she can say to mend the relationship and make it so you would want to talk to her again. I guess that is the real question here...


Please don't just say forget it...move on,..or anything like that, I really want to know what works to get the guy to respond favorably.


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  • There's nothing she can say. She's an ex for a deep reason

    • What if it's not a deep reason? Maybe he still cares for her on a deeper level but needs to be reminded.

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  • Honestly, it depends on the situation on how you broke up. If both of you agreed that the break-up was for the best, then maybe there is still a chance in the future. If your breakup was because of cheating or something wrong you did, well most guys don't bother to get back to that girl.. but all guys are different so you'll never know.. as for me. there are some girls from my past that I would want to go back to and some in which I don't even bother to be friends with..

  • Not as soon as the break up happens time after time heals all! Just sacrifice some time that just gives time to think and calm down


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  • I think the only thing you can do - for now at least - is to let go.

    By the way it sounds, you and I are in a similar situation. My ex also has a new girlfriend and he stopped talking to me about six months ago. I do miss him, not just as a boyfriend, but generally having him in my life. It does get easier though. I know that contacting him wouldn't lead anywhere, it would just cause me more pain since he is with his this new woman and I realize that he won't respond at all or not favourably while he is with her.

    I think that's what you have to do as well. Begging a guy is never good. It's actually the worst you could do. I know it's hard but I'm afraid that for now, you do have to concentrate on other things in your life. Maybe at some point in the future the time will be right to get back in touch and take things from there.

    • I feel the same way, I miss having him in my life! I feel your pain! OMG though, tonight I logged on Facebook and his Profile is GONE! He is not to be found! I think maybe that means they broke up?! Should I try to contact him...should I wait a week and then casually send him an email? It was weird, his profile was there and then it disappeared completely. I checked under a different account cause I thought maybe he blocked me but it wasn't there either. Is this my opportunity?

    • There could be many reasons why he deleted his profile. I don't think you should get in touch just yet. Even if they did break up, he probably needs more than a week to get over things. I think it's important that you give it some rest, as hard as it is! Remember, nothing is as attractive to a man as a woman who is happy and lives her own life. I wish I had followed this advice in the year after my break-up *sigh*

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