How big of a step is moving in together?

What are your thoughts on moving in together? Me and my boyfriend have been together 8 months going on 9 and we are planning on getting an apartment together at the end of July. He is my first serious boyfriend and I love him to death (even though he can get on my last nerve sometimes lol) we have already stayed together for 2-3 weeks solid in one bedroom basically and of course goes without saying we've bickered here and there but for being in one room we do well. I'm so excited to move in with him, he told me he's excited too. At first he didn't want to but he changed his mind and I'm so glad. I'm excited like I said but of course a little nervous, this will be my first time moving out of my moms house and "on my own" so naturally I'm nervous about that but moving in with a s/o is a big step I this your opinion on moving in with you bf/gf?


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  • So my boyfriend and I are moving together we are getting an apartment. We both are tiered of staying with our parents so much drama and when we come together we understand each other perfectly we are 1 year. We are excited but sometimes we do think about it if we are ready for it cuz he doesn't want to lose me. It is so hard. I love him so much and living with him would be great. Just think about decorating new furniture watching movies but then I start to think about arguments. It's so tough! I'm still thinking about it. Tell me how you are doing?


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  • i think you already know the result of your actions.from a male perspective let me tell you no male is going to honor any female who has no worth of oneself.when we take shortcuts in life we will only be cut short.think about what you are doing my friend. if you truly love each other then you will want to do what is right for honoring each other worth.

    • What do you mean exactly? Your post confuses me

  • It's quite a big step in terms of getting to know the other person


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  • HUGE!

    Did that. Longest relationship I had. Sadly it didn't work out. Then we went through the awkward moment of dividing stuff (the couch, the radio, the table etc.). Who gets the house depends on who stormed out first after the big fight.

    It's nice while it lasted living with someone you love. Kinda like being married - who does the laundry, take out the trash, pick up after him, pay the bills etc. We even adopted pets.

    Good luck.


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