My boyfriend broke up with me but is confusing me, help?

John, my boyfriend broke up with me last night says he still loves me doesn't want to lose me but he doesn't want to be in a relationship he was wishy washy and I made him break up with me because he wanted to talk to me about it today

Brittany: you are one of the most thoughtful beautiful selfless person I have ever had the fortune of meeting. We have created countless unforgettable me mories and I will always love you. I hope one day you will have it in your heart to forgive amd talk to me again

This is what he sent me

Last night

I texted him saying wev can meet since he begged so much

Now he is willing to try the break idea because he didn't know he is doing exactly the same thing he did six months ago

Now he is willing to try the break idea because he didn't know he is doing exactly the same thing he did six months ago

Yeah its deja vu all over again. He was like I want to be friends but I think we are finally over andcthen I pointed out he did the exact same thing. So how is it any different then he goes I guess we can try the break thing I think he doesn't know what he wants he was all wishy washy about the reason I dint beg or cry this time and he was hugging me he even kissed me and called me babe and we slept together before the break up so does that sound like its over?
First off if people are saying he is intoanother girl not what I am asking, asking why he would break up with me but tbh I did drive him to break up woth me because he said he thought about breaking up with me and I got mad at him and told him to do it but yeah he wanted to talk to me still and I finally gave the talk and gave him three options wother date me and try to work this out or try a break and make a decision if he really wanted to break up or nothing at all...
So if he wanted to break up why not choose option c? Who knows I may have talked to him down the road and why does je keep calling me babe and say I love u?
he randomly contacted me today and wanted to talk to me and also I have my reasons why I want to be with him and they are way too personal for people here that I don't know. they are great reasons though. since he has already contacted me I guess it is safe to say that he will contact me again. he even wanted to hang out


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  • Sweetie, hate to tell you this but... he's playing games! Childish crap. Wants to keep his ego in check by making sure you don't go out and meet someone else. Don't let him control your mind! Cut him loose from your life please!

    • You need to understand he has commitment issues I understand that I have known him years what I am asking is will he come back

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    • Queen is right. You gotta move on.

    • He and I agreed on a break and will talk about it in December I keep to my word and when it comes ti promises and such I don't break it but thank u

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  • You want to be with him. He doesn't want to be with you. It's as simple as that.

    His motives are irrelevant. I suggest you move on.

    I'm sorry, miss.

  • Yeah move on .. its pretty clear that he is "playing the field". Find someone who wants to be with you!


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  • theres another girl,again,don't be fooled this is the classic sign.

  • Figure out what YOU want and go with that.

    • I want to be with him just confused how he wants to break up but then he wants a break and see what happens

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