BF didn't text back and haven't talked to me since.

So I had my last exam this Wednesday, and it didn't go as good as expected. friends texted, asked how it went, and I wrote to my boyfriend, brother and mom what I got. At the end of the day, my boyfriend was the only one who hadn't wrote me back or anything, so at the evening I texted him, asking if he was alive, and he answered back quite fast saying he was and it sucked with the grade, I deepened the conversation, he asked if it was because I was nervous, and when I answered I didn't get a reply back, and since then I haven't heard from him since.

We've been together for 15 months now, so it's not a new relationship.

I don't really know how to handle this, it's not the first time he doesn't answer, so it frustrates me, but I haven't really said anything, because I don't want to be the annoying and nagging GF.

I've chosen that I wouldn't text him, until he would, but this is starting to annoy me.

So I'm asking, what I should do in this situation?

And thank you for any kind of help, and that you gave the time to read.


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  • It's been one whole day. How often does he do this?

    I sense internalizing.

    • When he does, it's for a few hours, or I'll write to him and he'll answer.

      What does internalizing mean? English isn't my main language, I haven't heard the word before...

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    • Well I am sad because he suddenly stopped texting me, when I actually needed his support. He just answered my question if he had been busy, he said he were. I admit it is a led down he didn't even say he was, and completely forgot about me. You're right

    • What you need to do, to rectify for yourself, is text / call him and tell him directly how you feel and how you need to be cheered up and how much you missed him and want his words. Odds are he will be accepting and make time for you right then if not schedule this with you. Your fear of being the "clingy girlfriend", after 15 mos. time, is pretty pointless in a situation of genuine emotional letdown. His entire "job" if you will is to be there for these moments and make time for you. Trust him.

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  • If he didn't text back and never talked to you, it means that your relationship is already dying

  • "it's not the first time he doesn't answer,"

    Then you really shouldn't be surprised.

    Guys don't love texting the way girls love texting.

    You can either accept this, or not. Your choice. But he will never change, and you'll never find a guy who loves texting the way women do.


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  • I guess guys don't really like texting that much, but if it bothers you that much then just talk to him


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