Is she blowing me off? And what should I do about it?

So a bit of background. I have been dating this girl for about two months, (5 dates) I thought things have been going well. The only challenge has been getting together, We both have hectic schedules and she has been out of town some. She is going out of town today and we hadn't been able to arrange to see each other. (will be about 17 days by the time we do get an opportunity after she gets back.) She suggested she call me this morning before she leaves and we could catch up. She never called, texted or anything. I am now frustrated and wondering what I should do? We are supposed to get together next Wednesday but no plans yet. She gets back into town Monday. Should I text and say have a good trip? Or just do nothing and see if she contacts me? I really like this girl and thought she liked me but it seems like she doesn't really want to make time for me.
She texted and said she was sorry she couldn't call, that we should get together this Wednesday and to have a good weekend we could talk Tuesday. I would have liked for her to say we could talk sometime in the next few days, It will have been 17 days between our dates. As far as getting together this coming Wednesday goes, She asked me to take the day off because she would be off. I assumed we would spend the day together (as we have in the past) not meet for dinner at 7:30


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  • I would text her and try to stay in touch.


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  • She's quite blowing you off. Get the hint already


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