Ex coworker emails me?

Ok so an ex-coworker of mine (she is super hot btw) emails me from time to time. Lot's of smiley faces etc. When we worked together there was quite a bit of sexual tension and flirting. At least I viewed it that way :). She works in a bank that I still bank at. I went in today and was going to say hi, but she she was on the phone, so I just waived. Almost 5 minutes later I got an email from her "Hey sorry I missed you! How have you been doing? :)" The funny thing is I knew that she was going to email me after not being able to talk. She says "hope we can chat next time" and also initiated grabbing lunch sometime together, with an another ex coworker guy who is like 8 years younger. They other coworker guy and her are friends and acted like brother and sister. Another kicker to this story is that she is married. She says stuff like you were so funny and and she definitely liked working with me - she had fun. Basically, it is kind of awkward because I feel like she may like me based on past interactions and emailing back and forth. I think she is the type of girl that is friends with guys, but I'm not sure her husband would be super happy about the lunch thing with us. I feel like bringing along the coworker guy def makes it less awkward, but still. What do you ladies think of this? Please don't give me the she's married stay away deal because I already know. I just want to know what she is thinking? Does she really want to be friends or is there more to this?


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  • Maybe she just want to be friends...HOWEVER...if you guys were flirting and having sexual tension before,I would stay away.She might want something MORE.


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