Living together and leaching off: Am I a leech?


I am considering moving in with my boyfriend of 3 years for the first time in September. I am worried about something though. I just graduated from my bachelors, have a part-time job at minimum wage and really don't have much money. Also, I will be going back for one more year to school, and applying for graduate schools as well. My boyfriend is actually pretty well off since he is a few years older than me. He is not rich or anything but his career is well defined and economically comfortable. I currently live with my parents. To move in with him would mean a lot to me since I love him more than anything and it would officially begin our life together. However, I won't be able to really put in as much money as him into our place, and for the most part he'll be paying for things. I can cover my own expenses and give a little to rent but that's about it.

Should I go on with this? Guys, is it OK for me to be considering moving in with him like that or would I be considered a leech?

I did talk to him about it and he said he wouldn't consider me a leech, but I am afraid he'll resent me later on and ruin what we have.

He means everything to me, I want to be with him. But I don't want him to feel like I am taking advantage of his money, or affect him in any way.


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  • You are no way a "leech" by wanting to move in with him and continue your lives together. A leech would be a girl with no higher education, no job and no future ambitions moving in with her boyfriend and living completely off his income. Everything.

    If I was your boyfriend, I would completely understand your situation. College is expensive and it is tough to get by sometimes. However, you already have your bachelors, so we know you can get a real job, and you are still working to further yourself in life and get a stable income with trying to get a masters. If your part-time job now is paying for your own needs, you are by no way a leech. All he would be doing is taking a little bit of weight off your shoulders temporarily so you can keep moving forward.


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  • The fact that you're considering yourself a leech means that you're probably not.

    He knows your situation and asked you to move in despite it so I'm sure he's fine with it. Talk about it with him :)

  • If you didn't work youd be a leech


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