Do Dumpers ever come back after dating someone new?

I was just wondering if guys that do the dumping ever return to an ex girlfriend that they dumped after their next relationship fails. I mean not to use her. I mean if the guy gets dumped on by his next girlfriend, is he ever likely to realize he had a good thing with his ex?

extra question: If he has newly broken up with the new girlfriend, do you think it is a good time to for the former dumpee to make contact him again?


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  • Dont know if they do but I hope so. Id love my ex to come back saying he made a mistake dumping me that I was good for him. Which I was. But even at that id still smile and say.. your loss live wirh it. So hopefully some day :)

    • Also never ever contact him. If you don't hear from him leave it be but never contact him.

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    • Iv been down thay road. I have contacted my ex using a silly excuse to start a cobcersation bur I always feel like either an idiot for doing it or upset I disnt get the reply I was hoping for. Just don't get into a habit of txting him alot. That is desperation. Just be clever and carefulm best of luck :)

    • I waited a week and then responded again. I basically told him I was doing well and caught up on a few things. I did leave some "curiosity" items that I didn't go into in detail and I wished him a Happy 4th of July. He has not responded. It makes me sad that he would bother to reply to the first message but then won't keep the conversation going. How do I get him to talk to me again? :(

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