Ex is very apprehensive about getting back together

My ex and I broke up a couple months ago. I think bad timing had a lot to do with it considering she was going through a divorce and also a breakup from a guy she loved.. yea, what a mess. Anyways I met her and things went really well for a while but eventually she started pushing me away and not letting me get too close to her. She says she thinks she's "broken" and that she's given up on love. Refusing to believe it I gave it my all in the relationship which lasted about a year. I tried so hard that it actually became a problem to her. I fell deep in love with her and I let her know how I felt. She never let herself fall for me and thought that because I was so in love and she wasn't meant that we weren't right for each other. Not true in my eyes.

Anyways, I recently saw her and things went really well. I hugged her a lot and kissed her and we were flirty and it was like old times when we always had fun together. I asked her if she wanted to try again and she just said "idk". She says I'm too pushy and need to take things slower. I'm having a hard time with that because I love her so much.. She is really unsure about trying again because she knows how attached I get to her. I need advice on how act. I need to be flirty to make her feelings for me grow tronger but at the same time take things extremely slow so I don't scare her away. I really love this girl a lot. Anybody have advice for me? It means a lot. Thanks. Were both 24 btw
She broke up with me because I loved her a lot and she just liked me. She thinks that because she doesn't love me yet that she never will. She could be right but I also think that bad timing had a lot to do with it.. Also I had a tendency to over analyze everything and try too hard because she never gave me that sense of security in the relationship. I think that if I just slow down and act more secure/confident that we will work. What are your thoughts? Thanks


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  • Id love to answer but I would like more details. Why did you break up EXACTLY. Who broke it off, why?

    • I submitted a question update. Please read! Thank you so much

    • Gosh, you are not going to like me very much but I'm going to be very honest with you. Move on. When girls say what she said to you she is nicely trying to tell you she does not want to be with you. If you were her right guy, no pace would be too fast. A marriage proposal from the right man instantly would be readily accepted regardless of what she says to you. I am sorry I know this is not what what you want to hear. More you may be thinking "it'll be different because ill take it slow and

  • She's willing to talk to any so I have a chance" no you don't. Dirty. Girls talk to these exes for a variety of reasons. Attention, ego boost, guilt, it's a long sad list.

    You're best bet, if you want to manipulate her into a relationship, is to say you have no expectations and just want to hang out. Then don't touch her at all and talk to others girls and let her know your doing this. Hoper she falls for it. But do you really want to manipulate someone into liking you?

    You seem great. Get a girl who wants you.


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