He left me for another girl we have a baby on the way and live together. I want him back

Me and my ex got together when I was 6 months pregnant, the baby turns one next week. When we got together it was only supposed to be a booty call but he stuck around. He was the first to say I love you. When my daughter was born he stayed with me till I left the hospital. Fast forward 7 months I have lost my job and we moved into his dads house. We bicker every so often over stupid things. Over a month ago we found out I was pregnant again. He was ecstatic. Then a week later the hormones kick in and I broke down. Now he says he doesn't love me anymore and has a new girlfriend who is the best thing ever, she has a house money and a new car. They got together right after we broke up.We still live together and I love him very much and want to make things better. How do I do this even tho he has this new great girl? How do I know if he really doesn't love me or if he's just saying it? Please help.


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  • i don't htink you should be going back with somebody who left you knowing you had a kid on the way


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