Is she trying to tell me something?

Ok so a coworker I have a routine in the morning where we pass each other in the hall on the way to the kitchen. She drops her yogurt off in the fridge, and I grab a cup of coffee. Lately I have checked to see if she actually eats her yogurt, to find out that it is stacking up in the fridge. I feel like she does the yogurt thing just to bump into me in the morning. If we some how miss each other, she is quick to point out that we "missed each other this morning" and "oh it's going to be a bad day now." Do you think she is into me? She is a pretty shy girl (blushes and fidgety around me). Now she is starting to become more comfortable around me, and we have been walking back to our desks together these days. Lately, I've noticed she's been giving me pretty intense eye contact when we pass each other in the hall on random occasions. Like deep into my eye looks. Yesterday I was talking to a friend in my cubicle and she walked by and locked eyes with me hardcore. Is she trying to tell me something? A signal? Also, why do you think she walks by when I am talking to a guy friend in my cubicle?


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  • "Locked eyes with me hardcore", hahaha

    I don't know what you mean by hardcore, maybe she's just starting to open up and act friendly and tease you? Also, are all those yogurts same flavor or is she just building variety?

    Could mean nothing, it's too soon to tell.

    It's up to you to work on it if you're interested, but as a general rule it's best to think twice about office relationships.

    • Thanks dipta. By hardcore, I mean it really stood out. Not sure about the flavor there. I do notice that she will bring the yogurt to her desk and wait for me to head to the kitchen, rather than drop it off first thing in the morning. If it's too soon to tell, what should I look for?

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    • Thanks Dipta. What is super awkward? And, what do yo you mean by "one of those girls?"

    • Hey! Had any yogurt today? =)

      I meant girls who just flirt on purpose and whatnot, but just for the fun of it.

      Really awkward, like when an old friend openly confesses to you believing you feel exactly the same, but you actually never saw it coming. It usually occurs when it's just the 2 of you in a "can't get away situation" where you're stuck together for a few more hours like traveling or something.

      Actually it only happened twice and I'm already saying too much! Lol

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  • Obviously she has a little thing for you.

    Maybe next time you bump into her you ask her out for a drink or for dinner that night.

    Whilst your at dinner you bring up the conversation about the kind of connection you guys have been having at work and then you ask her does she have feelings for you and if she says yes then why don't you guys work yourselves into a relationship.

  • she likes you


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  • If she is buying and putting yogurts in the fridge just to see you I think its quite certain she is interested.

    Has nobody else at work noticed the random yogurt buildup? Haha!

    • Haha, I don't think so. It's nothing crazy, like 2-3 yogurts, but I'm like why would you bring another in if you already have one!

    • Maybe she is a hardcore yogurt consumer :))

  • AHHHH yea lol I'd say so, and she want you to see her/ notice her


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