Do I tell my ex I'm still angry at him. we are msging

ok, we had a really sh*tty relationship, like he would ignore me andi would go crazy and cause sh*t. I guess hejust wanted to sleep with me.

he popped up again, we're just msging over Facebook. I've turned down his invites like four times and I keep on faux inviting him out although I have no intentions of ever following through.

do I tell him I'm still angry at him for everything. it has been a ear but he's such a f***er. I'm still mad and I need to work through my feelings of resentment towards him. will telling him help?


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  • If you are mad at him, let it out. I used to get in touch with my ex's, just because I missed them, but there was a lot of resentment too so I'd just jump on the chance and put them to shame just because I thought they deserved it. It was a great relief.

    • i told him I was still mad, he asked what did he do wrong? I hate it when people play dumb

    • Tell him what he did wrong even if he does play dumb but don't come off as too angry just yet when you are explaining what mistake he did. :)

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  • End all communication and move or the emotional resentment will only grow stronger. They are x for a reason.


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  • I think it might make you feel better, but if you don't want to keep talking to him afterward then star right now and then just make him a letter you won't send to him. Just to get it out of your system

    • well I just told him that we wantdifferent things and if he wants to have a casual relationship, go find a 22 year old. people around that age, want casual relationships.

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