How to keep things moving really slow?

I've always moved really fast in every relationship that I've had, like I was afraid they'd lose interest in me.

I just came out of a long term relationship and this friend I had been talking a lot is starting to show interest in me.

I think I am starting to like him, but it is very soon.

So 1. how can know if he likes me?

2. How can I get things with him to move really slowly, without either of us losing interest?


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  • 1. ask him out, THEN you'll definitely know 2. Just don't get exclusive too soon. Get to really know each other before jumping into an "official" relationship. You can't really know a person after say a week or 2...

    • He asked me to go out on Friday night, actually. It went great, he took me to this calm bar with a view... But I'm not sure how serious he is about this... He knows I'm just out of a relationship, but I don't know if he'll stick around if we move things super slow!

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    • Hum, for me I think it means that every stage of the relationship should be slower, not just sex... Like, maybe in my other relationships I kissed on the first date and became exclusive in about a month, I think that if I want to take things slow it would mean waiting more to be sure of all those steps...

    • For me it would be: still kiss on the first date, but wait until after the initial "honeymoon phase" is over before becoming exclusive. Since the honeymoon phase is mostly just lust. After that period, you actually have an idea of who the person actually is and can better determine if you want to commit to them.

  • To keep things really slow, spread how you want to be physical with him over 3 months


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